About the institute
AICSCW is the first AFRICA institute to represent the interests of the wider supply chain. Our aim is to improve the industry by setting standards and promoting best practice through high-quality training and qualifications.
Dedicated to supporting and developing individuals, businesses and the profession as a whole, AICSCW offer a range of services and products with the main aim of creating a better future for the supply chain and those who work within it.

Through our industry-leading qualifications and membership benefits, we equip those in the field with the knowledge, skills and capability to enrich their career. Consequently, advancing the supply chain through improved performance.
As an institute, we’re passionate about representing the wider supply chain by setting quality standards through our courses and promoting best practice through the publication of our resources.

Working closely with SFEDI® and the National Occupational Standards (NOS), we constantly research and refine the methods and practices we endorse to ensure we’re meeting the requirements of our fast-paced, innovative industry.

We believe the success of any business is inextricably linked to the performance of their supply chain. In order for a business to be more competitive and profitable, it needs to streamline it’s systems and reduce the time taken to turn orders into profit.

The AICSCW’s supply chain definition aims to shorten the traditional cycle, making it as simple and cost-effective as possible for businesses.

AICSCW provides a path to recognized professional qualification in Warehousing, Stores, and Materials Management of an International Standard; it is open to men and women solely on the basis of education and ability. The institute also caters for the shortage of qualified professionals in the area of Warehousing, Stores Control and Materials Management.

Mission and Vision Statement
To provide excellent in warehousing Stores and Materials Management towards national prosperity through sustainable development and also present for national service to our country and the world a professional qualified and academically sound Certified Stores and Material Managers.

Vision Statement:
The Materialistic Africa with our vision.

Value Statement
The Africa Institute of Chartered Supply Chain & Warehousing is a non-profit organization consisting of members who are involved in a diverse range of Stores, Warehousing and Materials Management disciplines.
We aim to be the leading professional Institute for Stores, Warehousing and Materials Management practitioners in African, dedicated to the advancement of the Materials Management profession, through research, promotion, education and training, and to build strong relationships with other Institutes or Associations in the field of warehousing and Materials Management .

Our conduct as a professional Institute is based on discipline and accuracy and a high standard of professional behaviour.

We are committed to preserve and maintain the integrity of the warehousing and Materials Management profession.
We thrive on change, continually assessing opportunities for our members in a constantly changing business environment.

Competence and Professionalism
Members shall strive through personal initiative to maintain professional competence, and keep abreast of emerging issues, world trends, etc. in the field of warehousing and Materials management.

It is strongly suggested that members continuously and actively participate in formal or informal educational and professional activities related to materials management.

Members shall contribute to the development of warehousing and Materials Management profession through the sharing of skills, ideas, and participation in networking to promote and enhance the competence of the profession.

Governing Council
The Institute is Governed by National Executive Committee who have cut a niche for themselves in their various fields of endeavour are:

Each individual of a corporate member will be graded separately and new members will be required to pay the once off fee

Standing Committee
The members of the Standing Committee are members representing each of the Country representatives major geographical regions or It consists of representatives of every global region (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and Oceania), with the number of representatives weighted according to the number of Parties within the region.

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